Dead Space hands-on: Remember to stomp on the bodies

by | Oct 14, 2022 | Technology

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One of the memorable things about Dead Space remake is that your enemies, who are dead to start with, are reanimated beings. When you shoot them and bring them down, you have to remember to stomp on them with your giant space boot. It makes a squishy sound and it feels like it shakes the whole USG Ishimura, the mining ship you’re stuck on. But you have to make sure the sucker is dead, and they usually cough up some good loot as a last gasp.

Stomping a corpse into a bloody mess is one of the routine experiences you encounter every few minutes in this survival horror remake that Electronic Arts is publishing on January 27, 2023. I had a chance to visit Electronic Arts for a demo and play the start of the game for a few hours, getting through a couple of chapters. The devs at Motive helpfully told us to remember to stomp on those not-so-dead bodies.

The old Dead Space from 2008.Hunkered down with a giant gaming PC in a dark room, I couldn’t help but feel immersed in the experience. The graphics in this experience look pretty amazing. And why wouldn’t they as this is a properly aged remake, coming 15 years after the original game. While it’s fashionable to say five years is a long time to wait in some circles for a remake, EA did the right thing in taking its time on this one.

The new Dead Space for 2023.This game is a lot more satisfying than the original because everythin …

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