FA Center: ‘You’ll leave a mess and they won’t think as highly of you.’ Dying without a will is the ultimate selfish act.

by | Oct 18, 2022 | Stock Market

There are many reasons why otherwise responsible adults do not make a will. They’re too busy, put off by the perceived cost, or unwilling to ponder their own death. Financial advisers hear these excuses repeatedly. Usually, they respond with empathy and patience as they try to overcome client resistance.

Here’s what they will not say out loud: Refusing to draft a will is a final act of meanness. It’s a sure way to tarnish your memory, unleash family conflict and waste money on lawyers and taxes that would have gone to your heirs. Mike Wren would never utter such words to a client. The Leawood, Kan.-based certified financial planner says almost everyone takes his advice and makes a will. He calls those rare few who refuse “super-selfish.” “It’s when someone says, ‘Oh, I won’t be around,’ so they don’t care,” Wren said. “When I hear that, I leave meetings shaking my head. I’m thinking, ‘This person is just thinking of it as their problem and not doing anything about it. But it’s their family’s problem.’” He ackn …

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