GitLab Cloud Seed lets developers deploy web apps to Google Cloud

by | Oct 11, 2022 | Technology

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If there’s one technology that stands as the bedrock of modern enterprise environments, it’s cloud computing. Yet the process of deploying apps to the cloud is often convoluted and inefficient. 

However, today at Google Cloud Next, GitLab and Google Cloud Platform unveiled plans to simplify cloud app deployment with a new open source solution called Cloud Seed. The tool enables developers to deploy web apps directly to Google Cloud without leaving GitLab. 

“The goal of this solution is to bolster cloud adoption and application modernization. With Cloud Seed, a Cloud Run deployment pipeline can be generated in less than two minutes that deployed all feature branches to Cloud Run,” said Utkarsh Guleri, global lead of devops technology partnerships at Google Cloud.

It’s an approach that enables developers to simplify cloud adoption by making it easier to deploy apps to directly to Google Cloud without hopping from one solution to another, and reduces complexity and coding mistakes that create vulnerabilities.

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Accelerating cloud adoption 

The announcement comes as cloud adoption grew 25% over the past year, and as developers remain under constant pressure to innovate and deliver new products.

“Developers want to increase productivity, and Cloud Seed simplifies the developer experience by streamlining cloud provisioning, automation and consumption,” said Cloud Seed Program Lead at GitLab Inc., Sri Rang. 

“In simplifying this process by integrating Google Cloud services directly into GitLab, organizations will be able to accelerate cloud adoption and application modernization …

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