Google focuses on data innovations for enterprise users at Cloud Next

by | Oct 12, 2022 | Technology

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At this year’s Google Cloud Next conference, Google has treated enterprises with some notable product developments, starting with the launch of new AI agents and software delivery shields to new cloud regions.

On the data side, the company’s focus has largely been on creating an open, extensible data cloud, one that could allow enterprises to access and work with all kinds of data, no matter its storage format or environment, in a trusted and governed manner. To this end, it unveiled multiple exciting capabilities for its data cloud.

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Below is a rundown of everything.

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Unstructured data support on BigQuery

Firstly, Google said it is bringing support for unstructured data in BigQuery, allowing enterprises to work with and query more types of data, like video from television archives, audio from call centers and documents, in the popular cloud data warehouse. The move will enable enterprises to cover most of their information sources, going beyond the days of only being able to analyze structured data from operational databases and software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications or semi-structured information like JSON log files. 

Support for major data formats

Next, Google announced that its storage engine, BigLake, will support popular open-source table formats such as Apache Iceberg, Delta Lake and Apache Hudi. The move will help organizations derive full value from their data, although, as of now, only Apache Iceberg has launched in preview. The other two will follow suit in the coming weeks.

New Apache Spark integration

Along with support for new open-source table formats, Google Cloud Next also saw the launch …

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