: Honeywell has a mile-high use for the leftover ethanol as EVs replace gas cars

by | Oct 10, 2022 | Stock Market

A future with fewer gas-powered cars and SUVs and a push for cleaning up greenhouse gas emissions from all modes of transportation is behind a fresh use for ethanol — converting this plant-based fossil-fuel alternative to create sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). Honeywell
on Monday, announced a new ethanol-to-jet fuel (ETJ) processing technology, an answer, the company says, to scarcer supplies of the vegetable oils, animal fats and waste oils that historically have been burned as fuel to replace a sliver of petroleum-based jet fuel

Demand for SAF continues to grow, prompting Honeywell to develop its high-performance proprietary chemical catalysts and heat management capabilities that the company says create a cost-effective, lower carbon-intensity aviation fuel and builds on the Ecofining products the company first created to carve out its place among small-but-expanding sustainable aviation fuels. The new formula will convert corn-based
cellulosic, or sugar-based ethanol into SAF. And depending on the type of ethanol feedstock used, jet fuel produced from Honeywell’s ETJ process can reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 80% on a total lifecycle basis, compared to petroleum-based jet fuel, it says. Sustainable fuels made up less than 0.1% of the 96 billion gallons of total global commercial aviation fuel consumption in 2019. But it’s a market with upside, particularly as increased regulatory and consumer pressure to fly with less of an impact on climate change is only going to expand this market. SAFs, including those tappi …

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