How Does Climate Change Impact Weather? This Map Explains – TIME

by | Oct 27, 2022 | Climate Change

If temperatures are soaring at the World Cup in Qatar next month, spectators and athletes will be able to look online and see if climate change is to blame. That’s thanks to the Climate Shift Index, an online tool that allows weather forecasters and residents to see how greenhouse gas emissions are affecting daily temperatures. A version of the index that tracks temperatures in the continental U.S. launched this summer. Today, Climate Central, the nonprofit climate science organization that developed the index, released a broader version that allows users to see how global warming is influencing local temperatures anywhere around the world. The index works through a bit of clever statistics—every day, a computer system compares current temperatures around the world to historical data and the output of dozens of climate models in order to determine how likely those conditions would be in a world without humanity’s greenhouse gas emissions—and how much more likely a century of burning fossil fuels may have made them. The index presents those findings on a color-coded map: Yellow means global warming made current temperatures 1.5 times more likely; dark red indicates that the current temperatures were five times likelier to occur due to climate change, an “exceptional” climate fingerprint. The rollout of the worldwide Climate Shift Index is the latest project in the growing fie …

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