How JetBlue’s integrated use of Snowflake and Fivetran is a model for the modern data stack

by | Oct 10, 2022 | Technology

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Commercial airline company, JetBlue, is using the integrated Snowflake data stack to power insights into its customer services and operational activities. 

Ashley Van Name, general manager of data engineering at JetBlue, recently explained how a tight grip on the vast amounts of data it holds is crucial for the airline. Her team turns information into insight by using a combination of Snowflake’s Data Cloud and Fivetran’s data integration service.

This combination represents the modern data stack. Data management is a complex challenge, and information comes from multiple directions and myriad sources. So, any attempt to turn both structured and unstructured data into useful insight requires a broad collection of techniques and technologies.

For the past few years, Van Name’s work has centered on a massive data consolidation effort. By using an integrated data stack that draws on a combination of systems and services, JetBlue decision-makers benefit from powerful insights that create a competitive advantage.

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“We believe that data should be looked at as a product,” said Van Name. “If you lead a product team, and you build a software tool that is consumed by an end user, then you need to ensure you are meeting their needs and building something that can make lives easier.” 

Generating valuable insights

JetBlue’s three-year journey to a modern data stack has involved careful integration work. Snowflake sits at the center of the stack and stores enterprise information as it would in a data warehouse. However, this cloud-based technology also integrates with a range of other services to build the reports that power decision-making processes.

JetBlue uses a variety of software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications, with data streaming into the data warehouse from ServiceNow, Qualtrics, JIRA and Salesforce. The company also uses third-party SQL servers and Oracle databases.

Van Name notes that the key to creating a single view of this information is to ensure raw data enters t …

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