How Online Technology is Fuelling the iGaming Industry

by | Oct 4, 2022 | Technology Featured

The iGaming industry includes all forms of online gaming. So, if you play online casino games, bet on sport, or play online bingo games for real money, you are part of the iGaming world. The iGaming industry has only been possible because of the internet and the development of online technology. Without these, iGaming would not exist but how has online technology been fuelling the iGaming industry?

Mobile Technology

One of the major pieces of online technology that has pushed the iGaming industry to new levels is mobile applications. Mobile phones are now like small gaming devices that fit in your pocket. There are millions of mobile gaming apps that can be installed on mobile phones and these include gambling apps. Where they are legal, iGaming companies have developed and released mobile apps that can be installed from the Google Play and App Store or directly from iGaming websites. The apps are designed to operate smoothly on mobile devices and provide a mobile iGaming experience that is difficult to replicate when using the main iGaming website on the smaller screen. Taking casino games as an example, within just a few taps of the screen you can be playing your favorite online casino game using a mobile app. Such is the convenience of playing games using a mobile app, it has led to more people participating in iGaming and is one of the pieces of online technology that is helping to grow the iGaming industry.

Live Casino Games

When online casinos were first introduced, the variation of games was limited. The thought of replicating a real casino game seemed like a distant dream but thanks to the development of online technology, iGaming has moved closer to reality than ever before. You can now enjoy playing an online casino game with a real dealer who are presenting the game from a live studio. A piece of technology known as a Game Control Unit digitizes all the information for the game and presents it to you on your screen. Every live casino table has one of these units and together with live streaming technology, you can play live casino games at your computer or even on a mobile device. The development of live casino games has increased the revenue for iGaming companies.

Internet Speeds

You do not want to play an online casino game or bet live on a sport only for your internet connection to let you down. Even when playing a game or betting live using a mobile device, the introduction of 5G means you do not have to worry about the speed of the connection. You could be playing a game of live poker and you simply cannot afford to have a delay in transmission, much the same as live sports betting. If you are waiting for the markets to update, you want it to be instant and the continued improvement of internet speeds, both at home with broadband and on mobile with 5G, is helping the iGaming industry offer more complex and realistic gaming and betting experiences.

Online technology has made it very simple to wager online. Sportsbooks are adapting to new consumers entering the market and making it even easier for them to bet online. Even for those who have never placed a bet before online will find it incredibly easy to do. If you take a look at some of the largest names in iGaming, such as DraftKings, FanDuel and BetMGM, they make it very easy to wager from a smartphone. Placing a bet with BetMGM is very simple to do, and this ease of use now makes betting appeal to all age ranges and experience levels. Whether you are betting on a computer or a mobile device, such is the ease in which you can place a bet online, more people are choosing to have an online wager. There are several payment methods available and some of them require just seconds for the funds to transfer. Online technology continues to fuel the iGaming industry in many ways, with mobile technology, live casino gaming, internet speeds and reliability plus payment methods all having a significant role.

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