How small and midsize businesses can take advantage of text-to-image AI

by | Oct 22, 2022 | Technology

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Having the chance to try DALL-E 2, the new AI system from OpenAI that can create realistic images from natural language, was pretty extraordinary. 

There’s no question the system is still in its infancy, but it’s clear the technology is moving quickly and we’re already starting to see improved text-to-image models. Google Brain’s Imagen, which can generate photorealistic images of a scene given a textual description and Meta’s Make-A–Scene, which allows users to draw a freeform digital sketch to accompany a text prompt, are both promising examples. 

This technology isn’t just for large tech companies, either. There are a number of ways small and midsize businesses can take advantage of text-to-image technology today.

On average, it’s recommended that small businesses spend 7–8% of their gross revenue on marketing. And yet, many are only spending 3–5%. Tools like DALL-E 2 can let entrepreneurs punch above their weight even if they don’t have the luxury of hiring talent to produce customizable, branded graphics.

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As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. As DALL-E 2 and other text-to-image systems become more widely available, it makes sense that marketers will start using them for their campaigns. 

Take, for example, a brand that sells fresh seafood. While it makes sense to include enticing imagery in its emails, there’s no real advantage to doing its own photo shoots over using stock photos. Subscriptions to stock photo catalogs for commercial use can easily cost hundreds of dollars a month, which is hard for smaller brands to justify.

Enter DALL-E 2. The model lets marketers combine the creativity of hiring an in-house graphic designer with potential price savings. …

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