How to do a great interview for a remote role

by | Oct 12, 2022 | Technology

How things have changed: a few years ago, an interview for a job usually involved you traveling (often at your own expense) to the employer’s location, usually its offices, where you’d be interviewed in a meeting space or board room, before heading off again.

If you got the job, that routine would then be your 9-5, five days a week, and that was all very normal. Now though, we do job interviews from home, testing our WiFi connections in advance, setting up adequate lighting and making sure our angles are on point, before hitting “join meeting” and answering the dreaded, “tell me about yourself” question.

But doing a remote interview and interviewing for a remote role are two different things. Getting a job that offers hybrid or full remote work is a wishlist item for many now, and while 58% of Americans now have the opportunity to work from home some of the time on a hybrid basis, only 35% of them have the option to work from home five days a week.

REMOTE ROLE: Software Development Engineer, Research and Education, AWS Public Sector, Amazon Web Services, Inc.

That’s according to McKinsey’s American Opportunity Survey, which shows that the option to work remotely isn’t equal across the board. The survey also found that 61% of men say they were offered a remote work opportunity, but only 52% of women and 32% of transgender/nonbinary say they were offered flexible work options.

Age plays a factor too, with 64% of the 25 to 34 age bracket offered a hybrid position, compared to 58% …

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