Humans are the differentiator in digital media

by | Oct 12, 2022 | Technology

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Big changes are looming over the world of digital media. Third-party cookies are crumbling. Fear and uncertainty over this seismic shift can leave today’s marketers and publishers questioning where technology will pivot next. Or, should preparing for the future of digital media rely less on the tech element entirely? 

The way to make a difference today isn’t in a script or code. Every organization has the same equipment. The major differentiators in this new phase of digital marketing will be humans. 

People-focused solutions for preparing for the future will be key for success. Specifically, how humans will use the available technology to develop new solutions. Above all else, it is people who will help your business stand out in an increasingly competitive market. 

More tech requries more humans 

The concern that rapidly-evolving technology will make an increasing number of human-led positions obsolete is an exaggeration. Technology works best when paired with human oversight. In the same way that dishwashers require humans to load and run a cycle, new technologies will need human operators. 

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A publisher’s set of tools requires input from a range of different specializations, like audience development, reporting, analytics, data, search, privacy and social. These special skills required for success are vast and complex. There isn’t a technology in the world capable of accounting for all of it. 

Even the best AI systems in the world still need humans to contextualize their data, w …

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