In Richmond, extra money for arts education is an equity issue – KPBS

by | Oct 17, 2022 | Education

It’s been clear to Richmond High School junior Angelee Montances that when it comes to arts and music education, all things are not created equal in Richmond.“Communities like mine, Richmond High, where it’s predominantly brown kids, we don’t get the same opportunity as in like Hercules, which is, you know, predominantly Asian kids and white kids,” she said.Montances is a senior who plays viola in the Richmond High orchestra. The East Bay public high school, along with Kennedy High, is located in the West Contra Costa Unified School District, and is made up of 1,511 students, of whom 85.4% are Latino.“And, you know, it also sucks because I feel like parents, students and teachers have tried here in Richmond High and Kennedy High to get the funding that they have (at Hercules High),” Montances said. “But we don’t have the money, you know.”Many Richmond High families, including that of Montances, consider themselves working class.“It’s really something you think about and not many people say, but it’s also a race thing. It’s a socioeconomic class thing, and it’s just an issue,” said Montances.California education law calls for all public schools to offer comprehensive arts education, but in reality, very few of them do. This November, voters will decide wh …

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