John Fetterman Struggles To Defend Himself In Debate With Mehmet Oz

by | Oct 25, 2022 | Politics

In a cycle when many candidates are refusing to debate their opponents, Democrat John Fetterman took the stage Tuesday night for the first, and only, debate in the hotly contested U.S. Senate race in Pennsylvania. Fetterman, the lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania, did so despite still struggling to recover his communication skills following a nearly fatal stroke in May. He has openly talked about his difficulty finding his words and accurately interpreting spoken conversation. AdvertisementIn a memo to reporters on Monday, Fetterman’s team set expectations low ahead of the debate, noting that Fetterman’s “ongoing auditory processing challenges are real.”Those struggles were apparent in Tuesday night’s debate while his Republican opponent, Mehmet Oz, showed his ease on TV, the medium that made him famous around America as “Dr. Oz.” From the outset, Oz, who did not live in Pennsylvania until he decided to run for Senate, set the tone, pitching himself as a moderate who can bring “balance” back to Washington.Asked by the moderators from Harrisburg ABC affiliate WHTM whether he’d support Donald Trump if he ran for president again, Oz quickly replied that he would support the Republican nominee before pivoting to a celebration of bipartisanship.Advertisement“I have reached out across the aisle on my campaign because I want to bring balance to Washington,” he said. “And I’ve tried to work with Democrats and Republicans and people in the middle, people who are unsure … people who got angry with where their party was headed.”He also sold himself as an agent of change for any voter dissatisfied with President Joe Biden, unified Democratic control in Congress and the state of the economy.“Are you unhappy with where America is headed?” he said. “I am, and if you are as well, then I’m the candidate for change.”Fetterman has been open about his auditory processing issues since returning to the campaign trail in August after three months recovering from the stroke. Fetterman’s physician has said that he is fit to run and “work full duty,” but he still confuses words while speaking, and his brain can have trouble understanding spoken words, especially in noisy environments.At Fetterman’s behest, he and Oz were able to use closed-captioning monitors above the debate moderators to ensure he understood every question. It’s a practice he has already adopted for sit-down interviews with journalists.AdvertisementFetterman was at his best reciting lines that he had clearly rehearsed.“I’m running to serve Pennsylvania. He’s running to use Pennsylvania.”- John Fetterman, Democratic nominee for Senate“I’m running to serve Pennsylvania,” he declared in his opening statement. “He’s running to use Pennsylvania.”He laid out what he called the “Oz rule” early on: that if Oz is speaking on television, he’s lying. Fetterman deployed the line to rebut allegations that he w …

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