Lawrence O’Donnell: Trump’s Nervous About ‘Pathetic Pathological Liar’ Kash Patel

by | Oct 21, 2022 | Politics

“Kash Patel might’ve taken the Fifth Amendment and refused to answer any questions under oath to that grand jury,” O’Donnell said. “Or, Kash Patel may have decided it was time to save himself and stop lying for Donald Trump.” Trump and his attorneys have no way of knowing. “Nothing prevents Kash Patel from telling them what he told the grand jury,” O’Donnell said. “But Donald Trump’s problem is he is a pathological liar who has attracted into his employ other pathetic pathological liars ― like Kash Patel.” And that could lead to big problems.“When one of his pathological liars is now telling him what he said to a grand jury, how can Donald Trump believe that? How can Donald Trump’s lawyers rely on that?” O’Donnell wondered. “Such is the agonizing legal pressure that is building on Donald Trump every day with every new revelation about a new Trump player testifying to a grand jury.”O’Donnell also named some other Trump insiders who have spoken or will speak to a grand jury:

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