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Today, the Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) releases its outcomes report from its fiscal year (FY) 2022 business plan, and its second business plan, detailing key initiatives and policy goals for FY 2023.
According to the outcomes report for the FY 2022 business plan, LDH successfully completed 95% of all deliverables and met 88% of its goals.
The FY 2023 business plan titled “Invest: Teaming Up for a Stronger LDH and a Healthier Louisiana,” contains 18 initiatives, 45 goals and 253 deliverables under five major commitments that will measure progress and provide accountability to Louisiana residents and stakeholders.
“I am proud to see the progress made at the Louisiana Department of Health over the last year, and I appreciate the effort to measure and report that progress in an understandable and transparent way,” said Gov. John Bel Edwards. “Dr. Phillips and her team are continuing the Department’s improvements with the launch of their new business plan, which will deliver real results for Louisianans, including expanded and improved quality of healthcare outcomes and services. I appreciate the commitment to making us a stronger and healthier state.”
“After closing out a highly successful year of work, #TeamLDH has laid the groundwork for an even more promising 2023,” said Secretary Phillips. “Strategic planning by the agency and its community partners and stakeholders delivers measurable results. Our FY 2023 business plan will advance our efforts in vital areas, including behavioral, maternal, and dental health; chronic disease; workforce expansion and diversification; and transparency and accountability.” 
The FY 2023 plan relies on partnerships with Louisiana schools and institutions of higher education to expand and diversify Louisiana’s healthcare workforce; as well as collaboration with local providers to further move the needle on chronic conditions like colorectal cancer, diabetes, and high blood pressure, while also targeting cardiovascular disease, asthma, and Sickle Cell Disease. LDH also will leverage relationships with nonprofit organizations and other state agencies to increase access to nutritious foods and safe physical activity, and expand Medicaid access to smoking cessation programs for those seeking to quit. 
Additionally, the FY 2023 business plan initiatives will include continued work with the Louisiana Perinatal Quality Collaborative (LaPQC) to make improvements in maternal health, and collaboration with legislators and providers to expand behavioral health crisis intervention services, now in place for adults, to also encompass adolescents. 
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