Liberal Group: Democrats Should Go Beyond Abortion To Beat ‘MAGA Republicans’

by | Oct 18, 2022 | Politics

The political arm of the largest think tank affiliated with the Democratic Party says the party has a chance to convince voters extremism makes GOP candidates unelectable, but is warning it will take more than a focus on abortion rights to do the trick.A new analysis and polling from the Center for American Progress Action Fund found a huge portion of GOP candidates in swing House seats embrace unpopular right-wing positions on Medicare and Social Security, election denial and abortion rights. Advertisement“Sometimes we get caught up on the shiny MAGA extremists and view them as outliers,” said Navin Nayak, the president of the Center for American Progress Action Fund, referring to Republicans like Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia. “And what the data underscores is that MAGA extremists are at the core of who the Republican Party is today. You would think that Republicans would moderate away from these extreme positions, but they haven’t.” While political forecasters continue to give Democrats a strong chance at holding the Senate, Republicans remain heavily favored to take control of the House in November, in large part because keeping the chamber would require Democrats to essentially sweep toss-up districts. CAP Action looked at those districts and found plenty of material for Democrats to work with — if the party can find the money necessary to do so. The group looked at GOP candidates in the 30 House seats considered toss-ups by the Cook Political Report, races where you would expect candidates of either party to rush to the center of the electorate. Instead, they found candidates who embraced a host of unpopular conservative stances: Two-thirds had refused to accept President Joe Biden’s 2020 victory, 60% support a national abortion ban or restrictions that do not include exceptions for rape and incest and 47% support cutting Social Security and Medicare in some form or fashion.“What’s been surprising about this cycle is how reflexive the extremism of Republican candidates is, and how ubiquitous their willingness to embrace extreme positions is,” said Geoff Garin, a Democratic pollster whose research has helped shape CAP’s vision of “MA …

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