New Ad Shows Stark Reality Of Texas’ Abortion Ban: Children Having Children

by | Oct 14, 2022 | Politics

A new political ad attacking Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) shows the terrifying reality of the Lone Star State’s near-total abortion ban.Mothers Against Greg Abbott, a political action committee, released an ad Thursday that reveals how the state’s near-total abortion ban is affecting not just women but girls. Texas has two laws on the books that effectively ban abortion at any stage of pregnancy, with no exceptions for rape or incest and very narrow exceptions for the life of the pregnant person.AdvertisementThe clip opens in a doctor’s office with a physician talking to someone off screen.“Wonderful ― baby has a nice strong heartbeat. Everything’s developing right on schedule,” the physician tells the unseen patient. “Since this is your first, you may want to take advantage of the free parenting classes we offer. I do need to prepare you for the possibility of a C-section and some long-term health issues.”“But, for now, our focus is baby ― and baby looks great. Congratulations!” the doctor adds cheerfully. The shot widens to reveal that he’s speaking to a girl who looks to be no older than 11 or 12.A caption then asks: “Greg Abbott chose this. What do you choose?” The ad aims to depict a very real scenario that Abbott and other Texas Republicans have made possible for millions of little girls in the state.Advertisement“This is a child who has been a victim of rape or incest who is now forced to have a baby. That’s not OK. This is a child,” Nancy Thompson, founder of Mothers Against Greg Abbott, told HuffPost on Thursday. “These are important things that we all need to start taking into account ― not everything is a simple solution when it comes to pregnancy. …

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