Palo Alto Networks releases Cortex XSIAM to automate the SOC

by | Oct 12, 2022 | Technology

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Working in a security operations center (SOC) isn’t easy. In fact, the high volume of manual alert processing and triaging takes a huge mental toll on the analysts securing the environment. Research shows that 70% of SOC teams report feeling emotionally overwhelmed by the volume of alerts. 

As a result, automation is critical for ensuring that security teams aren’t bogged down managing false positive alerts, but have the flexibility to tackle legitimate security incidents. 

In an attempt to bring its vision for the automated SOC to life, today, Palo Alto Networks announced the general availability of Cortex XSIAM, an automated security operations platform designed to automate the SOC. Palo Alto Networks claims the solution can deliver an 80% reduction in alerts that SOC teams need to analyze. 

For enterprises, this solution could provide an answer to analyst fatigue in the SOC, and act as a false multiplier so that human users can process security incidents faster. 

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Cortex XSIAM makes the SOC more efficient 

The announcement comes after Palo Alto Networks made Cortex XSIAM available to a handful of design partners as part of the XSIAM Design Partner Program earlier this year. It’s a solution based around the idea of making the SOC more efficient through the use of automation. 

“The underlying problem is that, as new security technologies developed, they have generated more and more data. That data is stored in different systems, and the task of sifting through thousands of alerts every day, then triaging each alert, is left to human analysts, who are overwhelmed. As a result, threats get missed and breaches keep happening,” said Rick Caccia, SVP and CMO of Cortex and Unit 42 at Palo Alto Networks. 

Caccia explains that Cortex XSIAM addresses these challenges through the use of automation. XSIAM handles the bulk of automated SOC work, tackling all the alerts it can, while passing incidents to analysts that are too complicated to be automated. This gives analysts the opportunity to manage “interesting and unusual” incidents. 

Palo Alto Networks is revamping the …

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