Pointe Coupee early childhood education sees improvements in Pre-K level classrooms – WAFB

by | Oct 19, 2022 | Education

POINTE COUPEE, La. (WAFB) – At False River Academy, a private school in New Roads, Ms. Tiffany’s pre-k class is celebrating the 50th day of school. So, today’s lesson is all about numbers and counting.In this classroom, a total of seven students are on scholarships, and funding from the state allows low-income families to make sure their child has the best education, even at the youngest age.“We have our nonpublic school’s early childhood development fund, as well as our LA-4 programs, and those, provide really high-quality pre-k. We are very lucky this year that the legislature approved an increase in the rates for those, and it was increasing the amount of funding per child by a thousand dollars,” explains Pheriche Perkins who is the executive director of the Pointe Coupee Early Childhood Coalition.Funding for the programs was originally set at around $4,000 per school year. Now, with a thousand dollars more, early childhood education programs like the one in the pre-k class are able to get more done.“Those preschool classrooms have a developmentally appropriate curriculum and that’s not free. Those preschool classrooms have a credential, a certified teacher, which we know is not always the case in a Louisiana classroom,” adds Perkins.Perkins says the sooner children are in school with high-quality educationa …

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