Red Sift acquisition shows Attack Surface Management should include email too

by | Oct 13, 2022 | Technology

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The modern enterprise attack surface doesn’t just resources within a ring-fenced network, but in all apps and services, traversing through the cloud and networks’ edge. That includes email too.

Today, email and brand protection provider Red Sift announced it has acquired Attack Surface Management (ASM) provider, Hardenize, after Red Sift raised $54 million in Series B funding earlier this year in an attempt to include email under the banner of the attack surface.

As a solution, The Red Sift Platform provides inbound and outbound email protection, blocking email impersonation attacks, while enabling users to takedown lookalike domains, and with Hardenize’s technology, to control risks targeting other internet-facing assets.

The acquisition will enable Red Sift to enhance its existing email security solutions, not just protecting an organization’s email environment but also expanding to protect the wider assets and infrastructure, to help organizations understand their critical attack surface. 

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Bringing email under the banner of Attack Surface Management

Red Sift’s acquisition highlights that the attack surface continues to grow, to the point where siloed and disjointed security tools aren’t enough to protect modern enterprises from threat actors.

This appears to be something that enterprises are well aware of, with research showing that External attack surface management is the number one investment priority for large enterprises in 2022.

When considering that 7 in 10 organizations have been compromised via an unknown, unmanaged, or poorly managed internet-facing asset in the past year, it’s clear that protecting internet-facing assets is a pain point for many companies.

“This move gives us the capability to do more …

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