Size isn’t the problem: 3 ways to gain real insight from your data

by | Oct 16, 2022 | Technology

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Pundits have been saying it for years: Data is the new oil. And who can argue? Data has become an indispensable natural resource for modern enterprises, a must-have for business decision-making.

But there’s a fly in the ointment (or in this case, the oil). Organizations may be gathering data from all angles — every person, place or thing in a seemingly infinite digital trail — but to extract value, businesses must be able to answer a critical question: What is the data trying to say?

Yearning for answers, many organizations pump more and more data into storage, as if simply amassing more data into ever-growing data lakes can provide deeper insights. Yet they still end up stumped, groping in the dark for the “aha!” moments that create a greater understanding of customers, operational efficiencies and other competitive advantages.

That’s because the problem isn’t the size of data; it’s the ability to get valuable insights out of it. Business questions that help sketch out the shape of personalized product recommendations, real-time fraud detection, and medical care pathways, to name a few examples, don’t fit into the rigid way data is stored.  

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Not just storing facts

Traditional systems such as data warehouses are built on relational databases (RDMBS) that are designed to store facts, not analyze data from the point of view of whom and where it came from. By nature, tables in RDBMS exist as independent files in a data lake. You may be able to find some isolated in …

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