Social studies revision roils Board of Education with proposal to use conservative “American Birthright” standards – Colorado Public Radio

by | Oct 11, 2022 | Education

A state school board member this week plans to propose a new set of social studies standards for Colorado’s students – one crafted by a national conservative education coalition. The standards focus on Western civilization and American exceptionalism and highlight patriotism and Christianity — and have drawn sharp criticism from teachers and national social studies groups. It’s the latest twist in the ongoing debate over what and who Colorado students should learn about in social studies as the state school board continues its process of revising the state’s social studies standards.  Board member Debora Scheffel, who is also the dean of the school of education at Colorado Christian University, will introduce the Civics Alliance’s “American Birthright” model standards as an amendment at Wednesday’s monthly state board of education meeting. American Birthright declares that students “should be educated to be another Harry Truman,” and in the standards they’ll learn of heroes of liberty such as “Abraham Lincoln, Susan B. Anthony, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Ronald Reagan.” Critics, however, say such standards would do a disservice to Colorado students by giving them a watered-down curriculum that only tells one main narrative, ignoring the diverse tapestry of voices that make up U.S. history and civic life. “I thought if we started with something stronger in terms of content, rigor, clarity, and organization, we could perhaps amend that document and …

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