Software won’t solve the climate crisis: Deep tech investment is needed

by | Oct 15, 2022 | Technology

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In 2011, Marc Andreessen famously wrote that “software is eating the world,” predicting that software companies would disrupt nearly every industry. His prescient projection has held true over the past decade. Software has had a widespread impact, ushering in dramatic efficiencies in business, transforming healthcare, and introducing countless conveniences into our daily lives.

However, while software has provided undeniable benefits, it’s not a panacea for society’s biggest challenges, including the largest of all: The current climate crisis. Software alone will never solve the myriad of issues contributing to the dire state of our planet. Hardware solutions and engineering-led innovations in the deep tech space will enable some of the most significant climate action.

The most exciting aspect of today’s deep tech climate innovations is that they are no longer science fiction or research experiments. Many of the most earth-changing climate solutions are close to commercialization. Here’s a look at how the deep tech ecosystem can rise to the occasion to solve our greatest collective challenge.

Going deep-tech on climate

It isn’t easy to overstate the crucial importance of deep tech in accelerating solutions for global decarbonization and renewable energy. Much of the carbon-capture and clean energy tech coming to market now is hardware products with deep tech innovations. We’re seeing companies develop new ways to extract lithium from brines to power EVs, turning fast carbon to slow carbon with ocean buoys, and even injecting captured CO2 into concrete to permanently store it there. 

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