Survey reveals how PC brands can connect with new and existing customers

by | Oct 13, 2022 | Technology

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Smartphones often take center stage in the digitalization conversation as nearly 84% of the world’s population owns one. But the personal computer (PC) industry, which spans desktops, laptops, gaming computers (both laptops and desktops), Chromebooks and tablets can’t be counted out yet: A Business Wire 2021 report estimated the market would grow from $145.73 billion in 2020 to $161.93 billion by 2026, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.1%.1

To better understand the industry, Amazon Ads worked with Kantar to survey PC shoppers about how and where they purchase PC products. Based on this research, we found that brands have several opportunities to reach PC audiences throughout the customer journey, whether they are shopping, researching, or browsing for the future. Below, we’ll break down some of our findings.2

Breaking down the PC customer journey from research to purchase

The first step in understanding PC customers’ journeys is knowing what motivates them to shop for a PC. According to our 2022 survey, 56% of PC purchases are driven by routine needs, such as upgrading or replacing a current device.

In addition, many consumers are not necessarily brand loyal; 46% reported that they were “undecided” on which brand to buy before going to a store or site to make their purchase. This means that a high percentage of PC audiences are shopping throughout the year, and that many of them don’t know which brand they are going to go with before they start researching.

With this in mind, PC brands may want to consider advertising strategies that run year-round, as opposed to seasonally, as a way to stay top of mind for these audiences.3

Brands should consider the research phase a key time to inform shopping decisions.

Many PC consumers do their research and shopping online. 60% of PC buyers reported makin …

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