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by | Oct 4, 2022 | Jobs

Before the pandemic, employee wellbeing, and engagement were on the rise. Research now shows them stagnating, and job unhappiness is at an all-time high. So what makes a good job, well, good? There’s now actually a working definition for employers to read and heed. “Good jobs are essential to a healthy economy, successful businesses, strong communities, thriving families, and a well-functioning democracy,” begins a statement released today by the Good Jobs Champions Group, a joint venture of the Families and Workers Fund and the Aspen Institute Economic Opportunities Program. The group’s definition, signed by more than 100 leaders across industries, lays out the three pillars of a good job: economic stability; economic mobility; and equity, respect, and voice. These three areas emerge as not just helpful in wooing and retaining talent, but crucial in employers’ relationships and communications with their workers on the job. Translated into action items, they might be applied and demonstrated in the following ways: Economic stability: a wage that’s enough to afford food to eat and a place to live, health insurance, transit credits or discounts. Economic mobility: learning new skills, career development, cost-of-living adjustments, a path to advancement or promotion, bonus or commission structures. Equity, respect and voice: regular check-ins, affinity groups, two-way feedback sessions, a willingness to listen and change. The gr …

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