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by | Oct 21, 2022 | Climate Change

As scientists continue to discover evidence linking climate change to a vast array of negative health effects, accumulating findings highlight its potential impact on cardiovascular disease (CVD) and related mortality. In research published in June 2022 in Circulation, the authors noted the increase in extreme heat events due to climate change and aimed to identify associations between extreme heat days in summer months and monthly rates of CV mortality in the United States.1

Extreme heat days were “identified if the maximum heat index was ≥90 °F (32.2 °C) and in the 99th percentile of the maximum heat index in the baseline period (1979-2007) for that day,” as explained in the paper.  The study focused on adults aged 20 or older from all 3,108 counties across the contiguous US.

Results demonstrated that extreme heat was linked to an estimated 5,958 additional deaths (95% CI, 1847-10,069) from CVD during summer months from 2008 and 2017. Each additional day of extreme heat per month was associated with a 0.12% (95% CI, 0.04%-0.21%; P =.004) increase in the monthly CV mortality rate. 

Subgroup analyses revealed greater relative inc …

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