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by | Oct 17, 2022 | Business

This sure is a great time of year for the sports fan, isn’t it?Between the baseball playoffs (go, Dodgers!), the start of the NBA season, and college football, the fall is a sports fans’ favorite time of year, even if rooting for your team is sometimes futile.But what isn’t futile is the fact that some of the best business advice you may ever get comes from the world of professional athletics.Being in the business of writing business books as I am, I am naturally drawn to other books and writers of the genre. Maybe surprisingly, some of my favorite business books come from the sports world. But maybe not.Sports and business have much in common: Uniting around a common vision, the need for teamwork, overcoming adversity, and playing to win instead of not to lose are just a few.Here then are four excellent business books by people from the world of professional sports:”32 Ways to be a Champion in Business” by Magic Johnson Of course Magic was an amazing basketball player, maybe the best point guard ever. But did you know that he may even be a better businessperson than he was a player?It’s true.Starting during his playing days, Magic made it a point to learn business from some of the top CEOs in the world. He learned about business, investing, getting mentors, creating community, and much more, allowing him to turn his $40 million in NBA earnings into Magic Johnson Enterprises, worth some $1 bi …

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