The Future of Government Jobs: Change is Inevitable – Route Fifty

by | Oct 31, 2022 | Jobs

This article is the second in a three-part series about the future of the state and local government workforce. You can find the first article in the series here.The fact that many government jobs are on the verge of changing significantly means that public sector employers are facing years in which new workforce challenges are likely to pop up at every corner. As former President William McKinley said, “The path of progress is seldom smooth. New things are often found hard to do.”Clearly, the ease with which governments adapt to the inevitable pressure of a workforce in transition will vary tremendously, and along the way there will be both positive and negative ramifications for employees, services and already fragile public trust. “Major disruptors are converging at a pace that we haven’t had happen, at least in my lifetime,” says Ron Holifield, a former Texas city manager, chief executive officer of Strategic Government Resources and interim director of the newly revamped Alliance for Innovation.Two years ago, Holifield hired three full-time futurists for his staff and had them do the kind of preparation that might be more typical of emergency managers planning for an oncoming hurricane. This kind of effort, more commonly used in the private sector, mapped out four portraits of the government workforce future, ranging from a positive look at a “transformative future”, which pr …

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