This couple started their business with just $5,000. Now it brings in $5 million a year—with Kevin O’Leary as an investor – CNBC

by | Oct 19, 2022 | Business

Twelve years ago, my husband Brian and I were raising two toddlers. While we made enough money through our 9-to-5 jobs to support our family, I was itching to start my own business.I brainstormed ideas every day. But one afternoon, during a four-hour drive, something clicked. We had just signed our son up for music classes — and they weren’t cheap. We were always looking for incredible experiences for our kids on a budget.”What if there was a deals website that focused specifically on what parents want and need? Think of Groupon, but for parents,” I explained to Brian.Instead of his usual eye roll, he said: “I love it!”That simple response changed our lives. We invested $5,000 into building CertifiKID, and during our first eight months in 2010, we closed more than 130 deals with local businesses and brought our subscriber count to 13,000. By October 2011, we had hit $1 million in gross sales.We now bring in an average of $5 million in sales a year, and we’re on track to generate $6 million by the end of 2022.Many people want to know how we achieved great success. Here are the most valuable business lessons I learned along the way:1. Make your business name short, memorable and easy to spell.When coming up with a name, you really need to consider factors like how people will respond to it and whether it w …

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