: Thousands of pets are accidentally eating marijuana. It happened to my beloved dog — and cost me $700 in veterinary fees.

by | Oct 19, 2022 | Stock Market

A few days ago, I arrived home to find my beloved 12-year-old dog in a semi-comatose state. She couldn’t move her back legs. She flinched when I touched her elsewhere. She was “out of it” in a way that almost suggested she might be experiencing a very bad trip. As it turns out, that’s exactly what was happening. The 16-pound Lulu was suffering from marijuana toxicity, as I learned after rushing her to an emergency vet.

At first, I was confused: My wife and I don’t keep marijuana in the house. But we do take Lulu out for two walks a day in our New York City neighborhood. The vet suspected Lulu probably found the marijuana, whether in plant or edible form, somewhere along our morning stroll and then ingested it, with the drug taking full effect hours later. The vet added that this is becoming almost an everyday occurrence in her practice: Dogs like to eat whatever they come upon in the streets — or in the home — and the consequences can sometimes be medically serious. I always knew that chocolate was hazardous for dogs. Same with rat poison, which can also be found …

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