Today’s Couples Can Plan an Entire Wedding Online

by | Oct 10, 2022 | Health Featured

Weddings Can Now Be Planned Entirely Online

Before the internet, planning a wedding was a challenge. Every aspect of planning a wedding is involved, from the decorations to the invitations and food. Everything has to be perfect and couples had to hire a full-time wedding planner just to get everything covered.

However, nowadays, couples are planning their weddings online and it’s never been easier.

Planning a wedding online is easy and affordable

Instead of hiring a wedding planner, today’s couples are planning their weddings online, which often includes buying their wedding rings from online jewelers. Without a physical storefront, jewelers can offer good deals on diamond rings that aren’t seen in stores.

In addition to rings and attire, couples can also plan their reception, music, and entertainment online, even on a budget. For the most part, planning a wedding online is cheaper than hiring a wedding planner. It just requires spending time and energy as opposed to paying a professional for their time and expertise. They still have to pay for the services, but they don’t have to pay someone to arrange those services.

For example, one couple was able to book an officiant, venue, and photographer online for $2,000. Their purchase also included a cake, sparkling wine, a boutonniere, and a bouquet. Their wedding was small, but it’s an example of how easy and affordable it is to plan a wedding online.

Some couples enjoy planning their own wedding

For couples who don’t mind taking on the task of planning a massive event, planning a wedding online is easy. Some couples actually find it fun and exciting to search for decorations and meal ideas online.

Of course, they still need to find someone to cater the wedding if it’s going to be a big event, but at least they can figure out what they want easily.

Not everyone enjoys planning events, but some couples choose to plan their own wedding online because they have specific needs and don’t want to pass the task to anyone else.

For couples on a budget and for couples who have specific requirements for their special day, this makes perfect sense.

Weddings can also be performed online

In addition to planning weddings online, some couples are taking it one step further and actually getting married online. Internet weddings are legal in many states, provided they’re performed live and both people interact with each other to say “I do.”

Some states have allowed couples to obtain a marriage license online for a while. Although, it hasn’t been legal for long in some states, like New York. Governor Andrew Cuomo only recently signed an executive order making online marriage legal on April 18, 2020. The legalization of online marriage was promoted by the COVID-19 pandemic when people were separated from each other, sometimes states or even countries apart.

Why people get married online

Traditionally, weddings have always been officiated in person, but lately, online weddings have become popular. You might be surprised to learn how many people have virtual weddings.

At first glance, it might seem strange for people to get married online. Why wouldn’t they want to have their ceremony in person? Isn’t a wedding supposed to be the most important day in a couple’s life?

Although it can seem a bit strange at first, there are plenty of reasons people choose to get married online. Sometimes people are living far apart and can’t connect in person for their wedding and it’s a pressing matter. This was especially the case during the coronavirus pandemic.

For example, a foreign national visiting the U.S. on a fiancé visa only has 90 days upon arrival to marry their partner in order to apply for a Green Card. If time is running out and the couple can’t connect right away, they’d have to get married online.

There are countless reasons couples are kept apart while they need to get married, and thankfully, laws have made it easy for them to marry over apps like Zoom. While in-person weddings are ideal for most people, some people really don’t mind having a virtual wedding.

Big, fancy parties aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, and people who get married online sometimes host a celebration later on for friends and family.

Will online weddings continue post-COVID?

While virtual weddings are legal in many states and have become more popular in recent years, it’s hard to say if they’ll stay as popular now that we’re past the initial impact of the pandemic. Although travel restrictions have been nearly eliminated, there will always be couples who will benefit from the convenience of an online wedding.

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