Walmart overhauls its intimates and sleepwear line to keep pace in a competitive market

by | Oct 24, 2022 | Business

Walmart has rolled out Joyspun, a new intimates and sleepwear line. It will replace one of its most popular apparel brands, Secret Treasures.WalmartWalmart is overhauling one of its most popular apparel lines — its top intimates and sleepwear brand.The discounter has begun to roll out bras, underwear, socks, pajamas and other items under the new brand, Joyspun, online and in stores. The brand replaces Secret Treasures, a major national line that has been in Walmart’s big-box stores for more than two decades.Secret Treasures, Walmart’s largest intimates and sleepwear line, drove $1 billion in sales last fiscal year — one of the retailer’s 13 private brands of general merchandise to do so. It also captured the largest customer base across the women’s intimates and sleepwear market in the U.S., with one in five buying from the brand in the 12 months ended January 2022, according to The NPD Group, a market researcher that tracks sales across mass retailers, mall retailers and direct-to-consumer players.Yet the intimates and sleepwear space has gotten more competitive, especially during the pandemic as people worked remotely and spent more time at home. Now, a larger number of retailers are vying for market share, including shopping mall staples like Victoria’s Secret and American Eagle-owned Aerie, mass retailers like Target and newcomers like ThirdLove, Yitty and Skims.Many of the newer entrants emphasize comfort, better fit and body positivity.”It’s a white-hot moment for the intimates category,” said Denise Incandela, executive vice president of apparel and private brands at Walmart U.S. “We wanted to take our leading brand, which was Secret Treasures, and reimagine it to offer the quality and elevated prints and premium design details, as well as a new brand name and colo …

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