Wevr Virtual Studio helps devs make next-generation games

by | Oct 20, 2022 | Technology

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Wevr has made stellar virtual reality games like the ocean simulation TheBlu. And now it is expanding to make Virtual Studio, a cloud-based platform to help people make next-generation games.

The Wevr Virtual Studio is a tool in early access that game teams can use to stand up new projects. Neville Spiteri, CEO of Wevr, describes it as a purpose-built platform that lets interactive creators and game developers use real-time game engines like Unity and Unreal.

“We’re gong to be offering software services for creators using game engines,” Spiteri said. “We’re leaning into this idea that game engines are eating the world,” meaning they’re being used to create 3D animations for things like the industrial metaverse and more beyond gaming.

He added, “It really shines with distributed teams.”

The top targets for the tools are game developers, virtual film producers, educators, makers of Metaverse apps, Web3 creators, architects, and simulation builders, Spiteri said. He added that there is a lot of interest from non-game metaverse companies as well.

“We’re excited about the metaverse,” said Spiteri. “If you’re a developer building part of this future metaverse, and you need to integrate into Unity or Unreal, we’re going to make it easy for developers to build applications on Wevr Virtual Studio. The big win for Wevr Virtual Studio over the next few years will be metaverse-specific applications.”

Wevr has also raised a new round of funding to finance this expansion, and its investors include Epic Games, Warner Bros., and HTC. Spiteri is going to speak with me in a fireside chat at our GamesBeat Summit Next 2022 event in San Francisco n …

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