Who gets the last word on Steve Jobs? He might. – The Seattle Times

by | Oct 31, 2022 | Jobs

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis meticulously curated the memory of her husband after he was assassinated, re-imagining President John F. Kennedy as a fallen King Arthur in a modern-day Camelot.Now some historians wonder if Laurene Powell Jobs is also trying to frame the legacy of her late husband, Steve Jobs, a complicated and transformational figure who was shadowed by his flaws as a father and belligerence as a boss.Last month, Powell Jobs introduced the Steve Jobs Archive. It aspires to reinvent the personal archive much as Jobs, in his years running Apple, remade music with the iPod and communication with the iPhone.Rather than offering up a repository of personal correspondence, notes and items for public research and inquiry, as other influential figures have done, Powell Jobs, who did not respond to requests for comments, said at a conference last month that the Steve Jobs Archive would be devoted to “ideas.” Those ideas are primarily Jobs’ philosophies about life and work.The result, for now, is more of a tribute website than an archive. More than a dozen archivists and scholars who spoke to The New York Times questioned even calling it an archive. It has worried historians who fear it may inspire other wealthy and influential figures …

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