Will climate change have an affect on human migration in New York? – Spectrum News

by | Oct 16, 2022 | Climate Change

How will climate change impact whether people decide to stay or leave New York state? That’s one of the questions being considered by the New York Sea Grant. The collegiate research program recently compiled a fact sheet to help drive the conversation about the Great Lakes and climate-induced human migration.“Where are people likely to be leaving because of things like sea level rise and where might the county be that people want to potentially inhabit?” asked Katherine Bunting-Howarth, associate director of the New York Sea Grant. “Some of those areas have been identified as being in the Great Lakes.” 
According to the fact sheet from the New York Sea Grant, the Great Lakes region is an attractive destination to climate migrants because of the abundance of freshwater resources, room to accommodate growth, seasonal weather and minimal wildfire risks.
“There are lots of different push-pull factors that impact why people move and where they go,” Bunting-Howarth said. “The point of the fact sheet was to try to get people thinking about how is climate change going to be a push-pull factor. What should we be th …

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