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Professor of psychology, Brian Naisbitt, gestured to the table in his office. “Please have a seat, Ms Anje.”She obeyed, as they always did. “What do you want me to do, Doctor?”On the table was a sealed glass box with a layer of dust across the bottom. “In that box, there is a piece of paper with something written on it. Please read it to me.”She gave him a very strange look. “But it’s covered with that …”“It’s just dust. From my bookshelves.” The office had plenty of those.“I’d have to be clairvoyant. Or telepathic, to read it to you.”“Are you?”She shook her head. “You said that’s impossible. In class.”“I said a great many people believe in ESP, but there’s no reliable evidence that it actually exists.”Her eyes widened as she proved that she was indeed one of his brightest students. “Then this is a test. An experiment.”He nodded. “I put every class through it. I’ve been doing it for years.”When she left, he sighed. It never worked. Never in all the decades since the CIA enlisted him to help them find telepathic spies and telekinetic assassins. And he had been so proud of his simple test. Rhine’s famous cards only tested for clairvoyance. This was much more inclusive.He still dreamt of success, but h …

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