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by | Nov 11, 2022 | Jobs

It can be difficult to go to work some days, especially if you’re underpaid in a demanding job.Perhaps you have to regularly deal with disgruntled customers. Or maybe you have a physically demanding position that doesn’t pay enough for your hard work.Following are some of the lowest-paying jobs in the country that should get more. All salary statistics come from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.If you have one of these jobs, perhaps it is time to move beyond living paycheck to paycheck by finding a job that pays what you deserve.Warren Buffett Loves These 3 Dividend Stocks That Print Over $1.5 Billion a Year1. Security guardSecurity guards are the first line of defense for buildings and personnel. Some security guards even carry a weapon.But a security guard only makes a median annual salary of $31,470 per year.2. OrderlyYou can find orderlies helping nurses with day-to-day care of patients in hospitals and other medical facilities. Orderlies need at least a high school diploma, and some states might also require them to be licensed and certified in order to work.Despite a job that can be physically demanding and not always pleasant, orderlies make only $30,290 per year.3. Meat packerYou may not think about how your burgers or steaks go from a ranch to your grocery store, but meat packers are an important part of that supply chain.They have to use specialized knives and equipment and know how to properly work with slabs of meat to precisely cut and pack them. For their work, those who do animal slaughtering and processing make $32,160 a year, according to BLS. .4. Agricultural workerLike meat packers, agricultural workers are an important part of our food supply chain. They work under tough conditions in fields to get food from the farm to our tables.Despite the difficult nature of the work, agricultural workers only make $29,680 per year. At that rate, it …

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