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by | Nov 24, 2022 | Business

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I run a digital marketing agency. If we are able to track a client’s revenue and connect it to the ads we run (an ecommerce client, for example), we can tell them — to the cent — how much they make in revenue for each dollar they spend on ads. If that sounds like a numbers game … it is. But when I pitch clients, I don’t lead with numbers.When I pitch a client, I don’t tell them we can generate $34.12 for every $1.00 they spend on ads. Surprisingly, that’s not what seals the deal. Don’t get me wrong, the numbers are important, and I share numbers in every pitch I make, but they’re not the most important thing. What matters more than numbers, or any other detail I could share, is whether or not I can tell a good story.Frankly, numbers bore clients. They’re just a box to be checked. If I start to talk numbers too much, the client’s eyes will glaze over, and I can see that what they want to say to me is, “Yes, yes, the numbers are good enough, I see that, check the box, move on, now tell me a story!” Not that they’re looking for just any story, they want a story they can identify with. They want a story that shows that my agency h …

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