5 ways Forrester predicts AI will be “indispensable” in 2023

by | Nov 4, 2022 | Technology

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Forrester Research’s recently-released predictions report for artificial intelligence highlights what most have already observed: AI adoption has evolved from an emerging, nice-to-have trend to experiment with to a legitimate, must-do priority for enterprises.

Basically, get on board the AI train or be left behind. 

The “get on board with AI now” message has been hammered home for several years, but this year’s stats do seem to point to a significant evolution: According to Forrester’s Data and Analytics Survey, 2022 [subscription required], 73% of data and analytics decision-makers are building AI technologies and 74% see a positive impact on their organizations from the use of AI. 

No vertical industry is failing to find opportunities to implement AI, and companies at all maturity levels are transforming fundamental functions in the organization, the predictions report found, while in 2023 AI adoption will “continue to expand and be more creative, trustworthy and optimized.”

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Forrester put forth five evidence-based predictions for the use of enterprise AI in 2023, which were culled down from about 15-20, Rowan Curran, AI and ML analyst at Forrester, told VentureBeat. 

“We narrowed it down to the predictions that we felt were likely to happen and had a good amount of evidence to stand behind,” he said. 

1. Forrester says 10% of Fortune 500 enterprises will generate content with AI tools. 

With the evolution in transformer networks and pretrained models (particularly large language models like BERT and GPT-3), generative AI is fully part of today’s zeitgeist. 

Forrester’s prediction report mentioned leading players like Baidu and Huawei, which have launched digital content services powered by computer vision (CV); startups like Synthesia and HourOne.ai, which are using AI to accelerate video content generation; and Taichi Gra …

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