5 ways your business can practice safe data to avoid security threats

by | Nov 4, 2022 | Technology

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Eighteen minutes: In less time than it takes to receive a typical food delivery order, a sophisticated bad actor can completely compromise your network. Such a breach can not only irreparably harm your organization’s reputation, it can severely impact its bottom line. The average cost of a breach reached a staggering $4.35 million this year, an all-time high. While some businesses can ride out such a financial hit, it may sound the death knell for many others.

The motive behind these attacks is clear: To access sensitive, personal or proprietary data generated and stored anywhere and everywhere. Today, businesses of all sizes in all sectors continue to grapple with how to properly store, manage, control, govern and secure this prized resource, particularly in our post-pandemic digital frontier.

As the data landscape continues to evolve in both size and complexity, so do security threats. While we enjoyed a slight reprieve over the last two years as many bad actors diverted their attention to exploiting COVID-19 economic relief, they’ve now retrained their gaze on targets in traditionally lush pastures like financial services, telecommunications, energy and healthcare. 

The reality is that no company is immune to cybersecurity challenges, from the largest global enterprises to mom-and-pop shops. So, here are five ways businesses big and small can mitigate their risks, identify their vulnerabilities and position their organizations for security success.

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