8 Little Ways To Sneak In Self-Care On A Flight

by | Nov 23, 2022 | Travel

Flying on a plane can be exciting ― especially if you’re venturing to a new place or going to visit people you love ― but it can be stressful at the same time. With delays, cancellations and COVID-19 still lurking around, understand that it’s OK to have feelings of uncertainty. You’re not alone.Having a self-care routine in-flight can be beneficial for your mental and physical health. These small acts to take care of your body and mind can help you regain a sense of calm, and ease the stress of traveling. Not to mention a flight might be the only time you have to prioritize yourself.AdvertisementWe spoke to experts for their tips on in-flight relaxation and rejuvenation ― without annoying your seatmate. Here’s their best advice:Do some writing.It may be tempting to tap into that in-flight WiFi as soon as you hit the air. However, take a pause and consider if you can disconnect from social media or work emails, said Dr. Nina Vasan, the chief medical officer of Real, a mental health platform.She recommends spending some time offline to focus on the present, and journal how you’re feeling. Write about the things you’re excited about or what’s worrying you currently. You can also follow a few prompts, like “if someone described me, what would they say?” or “when I look in the mirror, what do I see?” (Here are a few other options.)If that doesn’t feel like your speed, try writing a letter to a friend. Thinking of a loved one is associated with more positive emotions ― combine that with the therapeutic effects of writing …

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