Addressing office “boy’s clubs”: How to create an inclusive company culture

by | Nov 19, 2022 | Technology

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The rules of the workplace were written over 100 years ago by men for men. Today, we still see a “boy’s club” mentality throughout every industry.

In fact, a recent Harvard study shows that male employees are promoted faster than their female counterparts while under male managers. Conversely, the study found that under female managers, all genders receive equal promotional treatment.

Researchers predict that about 40% of the gender pay gap would be expunged if male-to-male promotion advantages were eliminated. But eliminating boy’s-club toxicity isn’t going to happen overnight. 

So how does a company change its culture? 

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Let’s explore what it takes for a company to make a cultural shift toward more equality in the workplace.

Company culture shift: Change the focus of recruiting

Knowing what skills are needed to get a job done is the easy part of recruiting. Sifting through resumes for a candidate’s pedigree is as simple as scanning for the right text. Where they went to school, how much experience they have, and what titles they’ve held are all easily identifiable and quantifiable.

It takes more skill to predict how the new team member may fit into the office dynamic and what contributions and new skills they might bring to the table. This requires a more personal approach in the interview process. Rather than spending time during an interview only on someone’s professional background, …

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