Advances in business process mining power a digital twin of the organization

by | Nov 9, 2022 | Technology

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Celonis, a leader in process mining technology, has announced several significant enhancements to its process mining capabilities. The most important advance will help organizations analyze multiple processes simultaneously to create a digital twin of the organization (DTO). 

Although other process mining vendors (and Gartner) have used the term DTO in the past, prior approaches took a piecemeal approach, analyzing each process separately. Celonis CEO Alex Rinke told VentureBeat that with Process Sphere, several engineering enhancements have boosted process mining analytics performance over 100 times, enabling multi-object analytics.

This can simplify the experience for business users who are not process experts, reduce the complexity of analyzing multiple processes, and help the user identify how processes affect each other. 

Here are the key new announcements:

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