Advancing Women in Economics is a Moral Imperative: Why Aren’t We Talking About it? – Diverse: Issues in Higher Education

by | Nov 3, 2022 | Financial

The field of economics has a problem with women. Unlike the gender gaps in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields that have catalyzed highly visible and widespread efforts to increase gender parity, the vast underrepresentation of women in economics has received relatively little attention. Given the outsized impact the field of economics has on social policies relative to any other academic field, the paucity of women in the field is a crucial issue. Decades of economic policies informed by economists, on both sides of the political aisle, have advantaged the wealthy over those from impoverished circumstances and have contributed to the U.S. becoming one of the wealthiest countries where millions of our residents live in poverty. The massively inequitable economic system in the U. S., one that has earned the U.S. the moniker of “the most unequal developed nation” from a United Nations Human Rights investigation, didn’t just happen. It is a system that was created by the economic ideas and research from a field the has been and remains dominated by white men.   Dr, Crystal HoytOver the last few decades, the narrow perspective in economics has myopically attended to big business, corporate power, and deregulation with scant attention paid to rising inequality. Bringing a greater diversity of perspectives to the field of economics is essential for building national conversations and economic policies that can effectively address the record levels of inequality in the country. The policy-making elite in the U.S. need to shift perspective to center those least advantaged …

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