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by | Nov 2, 2022 | Education

2 November 2022 | Friday morning, Oct. 28, brought an alarming North American Division Year-End meetings report from Dr. Arne Neilson, Vice President of Education for the North American Division, Dr. Betty Bayer, Director of Education in Canada, and Dr. Berit von Pohle, Vice President of Education for the Pacific Union Conference. As mentioned in our last report, the majority of the Adventist workforce is nearing retirement age. Schools are closing not for a lack of students, but for a lack of teachers.
Teaching Shortages
The retirement trend began about ten years ago, stated von Pohle, when 200 teachers were already over the age of 60. The union’s two universities were only graduating ten or so teachers a year. This is a trend seen all over the division, the number of education students doesn’t fill the void of the number of teachers retiring. Neilson reported retention is also a problem for the education department. Teachers are leaving Adventist education due to the lack of compensation and the working conditions which are not conducive to a healthy work/life balance.
Recruitment and Retention
Dr. von Pohle discussed the education scholarships offered by her conference to five students each year. Over the four years in the education department, the conference provides $9,000 if the student stays in the union. She reported mixed results. Since the start of the …

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