After decades of neglect, Jackson’s Black business district is coming back to life – NPR

by | Nov 13, 2022 | Business

Some cities are investing to revitalize their Black business districts. In Jackson, Mississippi, Farish Street has unique challenges as old and new business try to bring commerce back.

Farish Street in Jackson, Miss., is similar to lots of Black-owned business sectors. It went from thriving in the ’40s, ’50s and ’60s to physically crumbling after segregation ended. But business leaders are trying to bring life back to this historic street. Stephen Bisaha and Shalina Chatlani of the Gulf States Newsroom have the story.
SHALINA CHATLANI, BYLINE: It’s lunch hour, and scores of customers walk into the Big Apple Inn…
CHATLANI: Oh, that smell.
BISAHA: Yeah, that smells really good.
CHATLANI: It smells like bacon. I love it.
It’s not bacon, but pig ears sizzling on the stove. Owner Geno Lee takes out a big floppy pig ear and cuts it in half. Normally, they’d boil these for days to make them edible.
GENO LEE: Now we pressure cook them, and when you pressure cook them, it only takes half an hour. And thi …

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