Big screens promote gaming as a social activity

by | Nov 11, 2022 | Technology

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Gaming for social engagement has been a part of the hobby since it began, including things like multiplayer gaming and game streaming. Both are ways of sharing the experience with others. At a panel at GamesBeat Summit Next 2022 called “New ways to experience games on the big screen,” several panelists spoke about the importance of big screens to gaming as a social activity.

The panelists clarified that “big screens” can mean a large TV in a room or a massive screen in a larger social setting. Chris Early, SVP of strategic partnerships & business development at Ubisoft, pointed out that they (Ubisoft) both made games for the former and held large social engagements with the latter. “We’ve done the ‘big screen’ with Just Dance, and had 1,000 people dancing in a city, and we’ve also done the 10-foot experience for many years.”

Andrea Cutright, head of global marketing for Prime Gaming and game growth at Amazon Games, clarified that it’s more of a concept of “The Big Screen.” She added, “I think big screens are getting more and more into social engagement that can happen outside your own living room.”

Mike Lucero, Samsung’s director of product management for gaming, said that a big screen exposes one’s gaming to public observance. “When you play on a big screen (vs a little screen where you’re less …

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