Brett Arends’s ROI: Want to slow, delay or reverse dementia? Try this classic game.

by | Nov 1, 2022 | Stock Market

A couple of years ago I bought a big book of crosswords and started doing one every day. I found something peculiar. With each crossword, I would initially get stuck on many of the clues. But when I came back to it the next morning, or even a few hours’ later on the same day, I found they nearly all came easily. My brain had apparently been working on the clues, subconsciously, while I was doing other things.

So I’m cheered, but not totally surprised, by an exciting scientific discovery. Turns out, doing crosswords is good for our brains. It may delay the onset of aging. It may delay dementia. It may slow or delay cognitive decline. It may even—and this really is remarkable—throw cognitive decline into reverse. Oh, and it turns out crosswords may well be better for our brains than the electronic “brain training” games you can get on your computer or that small device you carry in your pocket (and which seems to be turning everyone’s brain into mush, though that’s a story for another day). This isn’t me talking: This is a new article in the journal NEJM Evidence, where NEJM is the artist formerly known as The New England Journal of Medicine. 15 medical researchers from Columbia, Duke and the City University of …

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