Build trust and connected experiences with privacy regulations and consumer consent

by | Nov 14, 2022 | Technology

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Staying on top of the evolving regulatory and digital landscape is more critical than ever for marketers, as hundreds of global privacy-related laws come into play, third-party cookies continue to be deprecated and government regulations are updated.

“So much of marketing relies on first-party data enrichment or segment augmentation, which will become a challenge without third-party cookies,” says Helen Huang, principal product manager, security and privacy at Treasure Data. “The question is, how do I continue fulfilling marketing objectives in this environment?”

Alternative technologies are becoming more popular, Huang says, like Unified ID 2.0 (UID2), an unencrypted alphanumeric identifier created from emails or phone numbers, which gives marketers a way to target specific consumers without compromising their privacy. There are data clean rooms, which give platforms a way to aggregate and anonymize user information for advertisers, so they can target specific demographics without access to personally identifying information (PII). There is also the Chrome Privacy Sandbox, designed to protect the identity of web surfers by replacing third-party cookies with aggregated attribution and conversion data.

While the use of first-party data is on the rise, some marketers are even going back to old-fashioned contextual advertising, Huang says.

First-party data and consent

Huang notes that Treasure Data’s clients are turning their focus to driving more top-of-the-funnel engagement in order to increase t …

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