Business or IT: Who Drives Results with Your Data? – CIO

by | Nov 9, 2022 | Business

By Bryan Kirschner, Vice President, Strategy at DataStaxOne of the most painful – and pained – statements I’ve heard in the last two years was from an IT leader who said, “my team is struggling to find ways that our company’s data could be valuable to the business.”Contrast this with what a financial services CIO told me: “Our CEO told every line of business general manager you now have a second job: you’re the general manager of the data produced in your line of business.”The latter case is as it should be. In a pre-digital world, there would be no doubt that the people running a business function – sales, service, support, or production – should be using all the information available to them to drive better results.But many organizations took a detour, misled by a fundamentally flawed assumption that because some data is digital in nature and technical skills are necessary to ensure it is properly stored, secured, and made available, those same technologists should be on the hook for finding new ways for business managers to leverage the data.Wanted: Real-time data skillsLeading organizations have proven there’s a better way forward – but success can’t be taken for granted. Among all respondents surveyed for the latest State of the Data Race report, complexity, c …

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